A family friendly public Minecraft server.

Version 1.19.2 Java
IP address: FNACraft.fun

Bedrock users can now JOIN FNACraft.fun too!
Bedrock Port: 62077

* FNACraft is partnered with MCProHost! *
*You can receive a 25% discount for your own
server using our code: FNACraft

~ * ~ Server Setup~ * ~
We are constantly working on the server and looking for new ways to make it awesome for you!

Be sure to check out the Server Rules, Player Commands and more in the menu above too.

– Do not ask staff for items, claimblocks, etc.

– NO PVP or TP is not available for players. Please do not ask staff to teleport you.

– Breaking spawners with any kind of pick axe will simply break them.

– To help keep lag to a minimum, please keep mob counts (friendly critters) and auto farms (hoppers, redstone use, etc) under 100 in your area and farms, please.

– AFK farms may lag out the server. If we find too many of them in use, we will take action.

– Do not leave pets in the spawn area. They may get hurt or killed during build changes and reconstruction.
Pets found left at spawn for an extended period of time may end up at the pound for re-homing.

– There will be events made available at different times for the players to participate in, please do not pester the staff about upcoming events.

– This is a survival server. There is no economy located on it but you can find everything you need in the FNASource world.

~ * ~ Meet the Staff ~ * ~

WildGoat – Owner
Diligent – Admin
Firefly – Admin
MinionGoat – Admin
Niestrat – Admin
MunchkinGoat – Manager
FalseHacker – Manager
GamerBlueTaco – Mod
Speedy – Mod

~ * ~ FNACraft Survival World ~ * ~

This is the regular vanilla survival server area. You can build here and explore and join the community.

~ * ~FNASource~ * ~

Is the server resource world. Here you can mine, adventure and travel to your hearts content! (It’s infinite!) You can use /spawn to return to the survival side of the server at any time.

We will reset FNASource world every few weeks so it will always have fresh temples, mansions and other fun Minecraft features to explore. Do not build here, it will disappear.

You can use /rtp in the FNASource world to find new areas faster. You can get in to the FNASource world by walking thru a portal located outside the spawn area. (It is pictured right here.)

There are drop zones in FNASource now that go out 10,000 blocks. The drop zones are available for any level of player to use.

You can download the 1.17.1 Java map here