Voting OPEN – Holiday Build Contest 2023


Come on over and check out the AMAZING Winter Wonderland!

Join the server
/warp winterwonderland
to enter the cabin.

– Click the Kit Paper sign on the Winter Wonderland Voting Instructions
– Sign your in game name to 3 pieces of paper (you can use the anvil in Winter Wonderland)
– Vote for your top 3 favorite builds by placing the paper in the hopper of your favorites (No particular order necessary)
– Vote for only 3
– Voting is only open until Friday, Jan 13, 2023

Thanks so much!

Learn more about the Holiday Build Contest here!

New Holiday Elf Quests!

The Holiday Elf is here to bring us some great gifts for the season!! These items can be used in your Holiday Build projects too.

Each quest has to be completed to get to the next quest. Some of the prizes include a Holiday Bunny, pies and cakes, wool and loom plus some patterns, bees, amethyst crystals, candles, end rods, shulker boxes filled with goodies and so much more!

Holiday Quest 1

You will need to do this in a proper order to complete it. Turn in all the carrots the elf requests first and then go back and break 30 carrots on a farm to complete it. Every time you replant a carrot, it resets the count so replant at the end.

Holiday Build Contest 2022


It’s time for the Holiday Build Contest on FNACraft
and YOU are invited to join in the fun!!

The build you submit will be used to create the server Winter Wonderland Park. This park will be added on to with rides and many attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Contact a staff member (Admin Level) to place a build template on your claimed land to help you stay within the size of the build requirements. We will have a method for you to submit your builds for voting soon AND we will be sharing pictures of the completed builds on this website and the @FNACraft Twitter account.

– You must build in the main survival world (FNACraft).
– Mine, find and use your own blocks.
– The build must fit in a 30 by 20 square and by less than 20 blocks tall.
(There is a template at spawn to view the sizing for this build.)
– No underground builds.
– Keep builds protected with a claim.
– You can work with others, but only one person may enter per build.
– Only one build entered per person.
– Staff are not eligible to win.
– Staff will be able to help with technical details on a build and help you brainstorm ideas, but will not build an entry for you.
– The build submitted for the contest will become part of the Winter Wonderland Park on the server and will remain in the Winter Wonderland on the server. Submitting a build to the contest means you are permitting the server to use your build in the Winter Wonderland Park.

This video from WildGoat explains details about the contest

How to Enter:
Get a build template from staff, build a design for the holidays or winter themed, drop off the coords on a piece of paper/book and quill at the Holiday Build Contest bulletin on the server.
There will be hoppers in place to collect these items.
Once you submit your build, stop editing your build so that it can be transported for voting.

After voting is collected and counted, the 1st place winner will have first choice of one of the items available on the list below. After that the 2nd place winner will have a choice of one of the the items left on the list below. After that the 3rd place winner will have one choice of the items left after that. Each winner will receive only one prize.
All prizes not chosen will return to the prize pool for other giveaways.

Prizes to Choose from:
– Minecraft: Deluxe Edition
– 330 Minecoins
– Minecraft Bedrock DLC (Choose one from the list: Batman, Minions or How to Train a Dragon)
– $10 Nintendo Gift Card
– Nitro Basic ($2.99 Value)

*Notice: You must redeem the prizes with proper accounts that you use games on. We are not responsible for the codes once they are sent to you. We will not send replacement codes.

Entry Deadline:
Dec 30
Staff will take a few days to move the builds to spawn for voting and we will announce voting at that time.

At this time, voting will be scheduled to be held on the server after the builds are moved to the Winter Wonderland for viewing.

Keeping Players Online

I know that Minecraft Bedrock Updates often. I do the best I can to be sure that our Bedrock players can enjoy the server with as little disruption as possible.

The lastest Minecraft Bedrock version 1.19.4 is out and the server is updated to handle it. Bedrock Players from 1.19 all the way to this latest release are still able to enjoy the server.

You can read more about the Minecraft Bedrock update here:

Java players are still able to join at 1.19.2
Thanks everyone!

Staff Update!!!


We are super excited to have two new staff members join the team!!
You might have had the recent opportunity off meeting them at Minefest in Chicago.

We have GamerBlueTaco and Speedy coming on as Moderators for the server.

They are excited to see you all online soon!
Thank you everyone!!

The Server is UPDATED!

We are now on the WILD Update!

Java players can join on 1.19.2 and Bedrock can join on 1.19.1 and up.

We will be working on keeping up with any Bedrock updates coming out but be aware that sometimes the plugins are delayed on keeping up with the versions.
We will update as quickly as possible.

Thanks everyone!
Have fun!!!

Map Time!

The new map for is EXPANSIVE! It is 12,000 by 12,000. There is plenty of room for everyone.

Conveniently, there are Drop Zones available to get you out at least 1,000 blocks away from spawn. You can find these Drop Zones in the castle and they will take North, South, West or East, depending on which one you decide to use.

Here is the entire (except the small piece down on the left 😐😆 somehow I missed that part.) 1.18.1 map before everyone joined the server.

Voting has been Opened!

Come on over the server and drop off your votes for the Animal Crossing Themed Build Contest!

Head out to the Events Pavilion for more information on how to cast your vote for your two favorite builds entered.

The participant builds are impressive and we have our very own Animal Crossing village on the server now. We are excited to see who is chosen to win. You can check out the rules and prizes for the build contest be clicking here.

Thanks everyone!

Turn in your Builds for the Animal Crossing Themed Build Contest

We are excited to see what everyone has built!!!

Get the coords for your build written down in a book or on a piece of paper in the game (on the server) and follow Tim out to the pavilion in the spawn area to drop off your build coords in the hopper. Staff will come on throughout the beginning of the week and start to move the builds to spawn for display!!

Voting will happen after all the builds have been moved.

You have Sun-Mon Oct 17-18, 2021 to submit your builds.

Stop building on your projects. Staff will be checking over the build to make sure it was completed in the correct time frame. Anything added on after the last date of building, will not be moved to the spawn area for display.

Click here to check the information about the contest and the prize list!