Server Rules and Roles

Server Rules
– No Griefing (this is stealing and/or breaking other players builds/areas)
– No swearing (Family Friendly Server)
– No spamming chat
– No Advertising
– Respect and be kind to everyone (Including staff)
– No trolling others
– No Hacking
– No asking for ranks (staff decides when someone deserves rank)
– No builds near spawn
– No politics or discussing of controversial topics
– Build at LEAST 40 blocks away from neighbors so everyone has room to expand builds
– Have FUN!!

Server Roles
As a person progresses up thru the roles, more privileges and cosmetic items will be awarded.

There are many server roles and we are constantly expanding on things and adding more to the server as we grow as a community. All roles are subject to change. If you receive a disciplinary action from any of the staff on the server, you may lose your role and the privileges that come with that role.

Role Name Homes Permitted Claim Blocks Additional Privileges
New 4 3000 Use of the FNASource Portal,/rtp in FNASource, participation in some server quests (See Player Commands for details)
Crafters 8 4500 All of the above plus
Use of the Nether Portal, Museum Portal, Server Warps, /back command, access to all server quests
Server mail system
Explorers 12 5000 All of the above plus
Use of colored signs
Streamer TBA TBA All of the above plus
Server projects

Mod, Manager, Admin and Owner are staff roles.
There are no applications for any roles.